Friday, 25 July 2008

Lord's Cricket Ground and other marketing issues

Someone has to be the first to write something in this blog... so I guess it will be me, as it is my idea to start it.

What did I start this Blog for ? well, its all about HEL. About our day to day and also perhaps to improve our own internal communication by sharing our various work experiences. It will be nice to read some anecdotal entries, but also to hear about each other's work, achievements, professional problems, etc. We could get some research results and application notes published here, and let our customers comment and even post their own opinions.

So, what have I been up to ? I just spoke to one of the event organisers in the Lord's Cricket Ground, and arranged for a tour of the grounds at the end of our User Conference on September 30th. She said that there is a very good chance to be able to see both the Long Room and the Players Changing Rooms ! bookings for this event are coming in fast currently. We still have a few more places but the space is limited so hurry if you want to join.

We are also venturing into a new market - and will be exhibiting for the first time at ArabLAB 2009, January 2009 in Dubai, so I have been busy arranging this. Our website is being overhauled and you should be able to see some changes within the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can see some information on some of our new products already there, such as AutoMATE II, Phi-TEC I, and FlowCAT.

Visit again soon for more...

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