Monday, 16 July 2012

HEL's attendence at the AABC conference in Mainz, Germany, June 2012

HEL attended and exhibited their calorimetery capability relating to the thermal runaway testing of battery hazards using their adiabatic (ARC-type) Battery Testing Calorimeter - BTC- and also their isothermal calorimetery for measuring the heat generated as input to thermal management and battery development. HEL had many opportunities to to develop new relationships with European car manufacturers, new battery developers and also companies working on energy research. Major battery fires and explosions reported in the literature and the need to understand battery chemistry was a common discussion point and is leading to continued and growing interest in battery calorimeters being developed by HEL.

This is one of the major conferences in Europe and over 400 people attended though this is lower than the numbers in the past. This was considered to be due to a combination of slow development of the battery market (for example EV and related growth) and too many events.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Important presentations for HEL at the upcoming events

Advanced Automative Battery Conference, Mainz, Germany (18-22 June 2012)

Preparations are in full speed for our poster presentation at the Advanced Automative Battery Conference in Mainz next week. Our managing director, Dr Jasbir Singh, will be presenting on the ‘Calorimetry for Design of Thermal Management Design and Prediction of Safe Battery Operating Limits’. The poster presentation will be up on our website, once the show has finished next week, please check it out!

Automated Instruments for Rapid Process Development and Process Safety and Calorimetry Seminar, 28th June 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HEL is excited to be hosting a seminar at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with Interscience. Dr Jasbir Singh will be doing product presentations, from 10am to 5pm, highlighting topics ranging from:
                   Parallel synthesis
                   Flow chemistry
Visit our website for further details and programme highlights.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Our attendance at the Batteries and Fuel Cells Seminar in Stoke, United Kingdom

Battery after thermal runaway due to fast discharge
We recently attended the Batteries & Fuel Cells Seminar in Stoke, UK, in early May.  This was an excellent training course run by Shmuel De Leon covering a large amount of material about all aspects of batteries and fuel cells.  Shmuel’s passion for the subject is obvious and he makes an engaging teacher.  We really enjoyed the course and learned a lot as did the other delegates and would highly recommend this to anyone.

HEL also presented at the seminar on our Calorimetry solutions for battery safety.  We have placed a copy of our presentation on our You Tube page, please check it out here. Also, check out our dedicated website to our safety and calorimetry products here.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

HEL's staff members rewarded to a day out

The time of the year has come again for HEL project team day. A few HEL members were rewarded for their efforts with a Saturday morning go-karting... rewarded... a loose term in this case given the preceding torrential rain, some thought a boat might be a quicker way around the circuit. HEL staff members paired-up into teams and  everyone had a good time, despite the drenching, the spins, and the weekend early-morning start, and all are looking forward to the next time...which should be good news for our customers too! Shown above is a picture from our staff day out. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

HEL is well into the UK conference season now...

So far we have been to the Continuous Flow Technology in Industry conference where one of our staff members, Andrew Coleman,  gave a formal presentation on  our FlowCAT technology.  This generated a lot of interest as it was the only solution presented capable of scaling up liquid / gas reactions especially in trickle-bed mode but not limited to this. The versatility of FlowCAT is another major attraction,  being useful for not only hydrogenations but also for example carbonylations and oxidations under flow, as well as liquid-liquid reactions and slower chemistries that require long lengths of tubingThe conference showed a real maturing of the flow chemistry sector with some of the more fantastical ideas that initially appeared with the technology such as numbering up being widely rejected.  There was a lot of interesting work presented at the conference and these presentations can be downloaded from the RSC website . We would also like to thank the organisers Ruth and Bruce for making it such an excellent and well run conference.

Last week we attended the SCI Synthesis with Cheaper Metals conference.  This was a really good time where we caught up with a lot of customers and the chemistry presented in the lectures was truly brilliant.

Next week is a busy one with first of all “Advances in Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry” in Welwyn where we will be showing a range of synthesis equipment closely followed by a quick drive North to “Batteries & Fuel Cells Seminar” in Stoke where we will presenting our solutions for battery calorimetry.

Please view for further information on where we will be exhibiting in the future. Also, we are now on Pinterest! Please follow us at :

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

HEL participates in the EV Battery Forum in Barcelona

“HEL participated in the EV Battery Forum in Barcelona this month – in the grand surroundings of the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I.

We were the only exhibitor of battery testing equipment – in our case Battery Testing Calorimeter (BTC) information, which includes thermal runaway testing adiabatically (ARC-testing) and an isothermal calorimeter that provides thermal management data. The conference presentations were concerned with all factors affecting EV adoption: infrastructure issues like charger availability, battery lifetime and of course…battery safety. After discussions with the delegates over the 2 days of the conference it became apparent that the thorough testing of batteries under all conditions was universally seen as essential, yet the majority of organizations – even large ones – lacked the equipment to do this effectively. There is at the moment a lack of awareness that HEL’s adiabatic (ARC) and isothermal (thermal management) data is even available and how it could help design Battery Management Systems. Several presentations highlighted the future requirement for ever larger batteries that can be charged in ever shorter times suggesting that the need for this testing will only grow. HEL’s growing range of test capability, which now also includes automated nail penetration as well as several other “abuse” tests will be well placed to supply this vital equipment as the industry develops.''

For further information on our adiabatic calorimeter, please click here and for information on our isothermal BTC, please click here

Friday, 30 March 2012

HEL exhibits at the FlowHET Conference in Florida

Picture of our stand at the conference
HEL recently exhibited at the FlowHET Conference in Florida for the first time. This is a wide ranging conference with homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis presentations with applications that included hydrogenations in the pharmaceutical industry and a well as petrochemical and refining process.

The continuous flow reactor platform, the FlowCAT received a great deal of interest and was seen as a valuable tool in continuing the development of flow chemistry. The conference also underlined the fact that the trend towards flow chemistry shows no signs of slowing. The FlowCAT was acknowledged as being an extremely flexible and easy to use solution compared to it’s competitors for the optimization of many high pressure reactions. It has a very small footprint and has the compactness and ease-of-use normally associated with analytical devices which appeals enormously to bench chemists and chemical engineers alike. Data has been shown to scale very easily and reliably due to the care in design and attention to detail. This supplements HEL’s more traditional catalysis platforms such as HP Chemscan, CAT blocks and the high pressure automate and polyblock systems.

For further information on our flow chemistry reactor, FlowCAT, please click here