Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Lithium Mobile Power .. Boston, USA and 5th International Forum on Li-ion Battery Technology... Beijing, China (4-7 November).

By Dr Jasbir Singh

This November, I attended  a couple of different conferences involving battery technology. Each had a range of speakers talking about safety, as well as other general research topics.

Safety is seen a major obstacle to development of Li-ion technology and therefore HEL’s involvement as a major supplier of safety testing solutions was very important. At both conferences we exhibited our advanced Battery Testing Calorimeter (BTC) as it is unique in being able to provide a single solution to for both small scale testing of battery components, as well as direct simulation of larger scale battery incidents, including the “abuse” testing methods specified by various protocols. At the Beijing Forum on Li-on Batteries I made a presentation, which can be viewed here ... 

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