Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Battery research for Electric Vehicles

By Dr Jasbir Singh

after a thermal "abuse" test in a BTC
There is a proliferation of conference events on Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries worldwide and we attended a conference and exhibition on EV batteries in London on 30-31 March.

This was well attended with visitors from many countries representing car manufacturers, universities, battery producers and service and instrument providers such as HEL. We exhibited our smaller scale battery testing calorimeter which is used for basic research into battery components and chemicals; our system for evaluating larger packs – the Battery Testing Calorimeter (BTC) is rather difficult to transport, and we decided to leave it at the office this time...

I also made a presentation at the conference, presenting results of batteries tested for safety under adiabatic conditions and including data from cyclers integrated into the control software which allows charging and discharging limits to be explored.  Contact for a copy of the presentation.

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