Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Our attendance at the Batteries and Fuel Cells Seminar in Stoke, United Kingdom

Battery after thermal runaway due to fast discharge
We recently attended the Batteries & Fuel Cells Seminar in Stoke, UK, in early May.  This was an excellent training course run by Shmuel De Leon covering a large amount of material about all aspects of batteries and fuel cells.  Shmuel’s passion for the subject is obvious and he makes an engaging teacher.  We really enjoyed the course and learned a lot as did the other delegates and would highly recommend this to anyone.

HEL also presented at the seminar on our Calorimetry solutions for battery safety.  We have placed a copy of our presentation on our You Tube page, please check it out here. Also, check out our dedicated website to our safety and calorimetry products here.

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