Monday, 16 July 2012

HEL's attendence at the AABC conference in Mainz, Germany, June 2012

HEL attended and exhibited their calorimetery capability relating to the thermal runaway testing of battery hazards using their adiabatic (ARC-type) Battery Testing Calorimeter - BTC- and also their isothermal calorimetery for measuring the heat generated as input to thermal management and battery development. HEL had many opportunities to to develop new relationships with European car manufacturers, new battery developers and also companies working on energy research. Major battery fires and explosions reported in the literature and the need to understand battery chemistry was a common discussion point and is leading to continued and growing interest in battery calorimeters being developed by HEL.

This is one of the major conferences in Europe and over 400 people attended though this is lower than the numbers in the past. This was considered to be due to a combination of slow development of the battery market (for example EV and related growth) and too many events.

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