Friday, 9 March 2012

HEL attends the NC3 exhibition in Netherlands

At the recent Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Conference in Holland on 5th of March, HEL showcased their systems for Hydrogenation and Catalysis. The continuous flow reactor platform, the FlowCAT received a great deal of interest and was seen as a valuable tool in continuing the development of Flow chemistry processes. With several systems already installed the conference also underlined the fact that the trend towards flow chemistry shows no signs of slowing. The FlowCAT was universally acknowledged as being an extremely flexible and easy to use solution for the optimisation of many high pressure reactions.

HEL also exhibited the High Pressure ChemSCAN which is already established as the market leader for heterogenous and homogenous catalytic screening and rapid development of high pressure reactions. Scientists interested in a complete, dedicated system were enthusiastic about the range of experiments that could be performed using this technology. With large temperature, pressure and volume ranges and unsurpassed mixing capability the High Pressure Chemscan offers a powerful and versatile development tool.

To round off, HEL also showed some very simple high pressure screening tools. The CAT units received a great deal of interest from smaller laboratories and academic attendees. This low cost, simple to use high pressure reaction screening autoclave is widely used in many laboratories.

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