Friday, 30 March 2012

HEL exhibits at the FlowHET Conference in Florida

Picture of our stand at the conference
HEL recently exhibited at the FlowHET Conference in Florida for the first time. This is a wide ranging conference with homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis presentations with applications that included hydrogenations in the pharmaceutical industry and a well as petrochemical and refining process.

The continuous flow reactor platform, the FlowCAT received a great deal of interest and was seen as a valuable tool in continuing the development of flow chemistry. The conference also underlined the fact that the trend towards flow chemistry shows no signs of slowing. The FlowCAT was acknowledged as being an extremely flexible and easy to use solution compared to it’s competitors for the optimization of many high pressure reactions. It has a very small footprint and has the compactness and ease-of-use normally associated with analytical devices which appeals enormously to bench chemists and chemical engineers alike. Data has been shown to scale very easily and reliably due to the care in design and attention to detail. This supplements HEL’s more traditional catalysis platforms such as HP Chemscan, CAT blocks and the high pressure automate and polyblock systems.

For further information on our flow chemistry reactor, FlowCAT, please click here

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