Wednesday, 25 April 2012

HEL is well into the UK conference season now...

So far we have been to the Continuous Flow Technology in Industry conference where one of our staff members, Andrew Coleman,  gave a formal presentation on  our FlowCAT technology.  This generated a lot of interest as it was the only solution presented capable of scaling up liquid / gas reactions especially in trickle-bed mode but not limited to this. The versatility of FlowCAT is another major attraction,  being useful for not only hydrogenations but also for example carbonylations and oxidations under flow, as well as liquid-liquid reactions and slower chemistries that require long lengths of tubingThe conference showed a real maturing of the flow chemistry sector with some of the more fantastical ideas that initially appeared with the technology such as numbering up being widely rejected.  There was a lot of interesting work presented at the conference and these presentations can be downloaded from the RSC website . We would also like to thank the organisers Ruth and Bruce for making it such an excellent and well run conference.

Last week we attended the SCI Synthesis with Cheaper Metals conference.  This was a really good time where we caught up with a lot of customers and the chemistry presented in the lectures was truly brilliant.

Next week is a busy one with first of all “Advances in Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry” in Welwyn where we will be showing a range of synthesis equipment closely followed by a quick drive North to “Batteries & Fuel Cells Seminar” in Stoke where we will presenting our solutions for battery calorimetry.

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