Tuesday, 3 April 2012

HEL participates in the EV Battery Forum in Barcelona

“HEL participated in the EV Battery Forum in Barcelona this month – in the grand surroundings of the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I.

We were the only exhibitor of battery testing equipment – in our case Battery Testing Calorimeter (BTC) information, which includes thermal runaway testing adiabatically (ARC-testing) and an isothermal calorimeter that provides thermal management data. The conference presentations were concerned with all factors affecting EV adoption: infrastructure issues like charger availability, battery lifetime and of course…battery safety. After discussions with the delegates over the 2 days of the conference it became apparent that the thorough testing of batteries under all conditions was universally seen as essential, yet the majority of organizations – even large ones – lacked the equipment to do this effectively. There is at the moment a lack of awareness that HEL’s adiabatic (ARC) and isothermal (thermal management) data is even available and how it could help design Battery Management Systems. Several presentations highlighted the future requirement for ever larger batteries that can be charged in ever shorter times suggesting that the need for this testing will only grow. HEL’s growing range of test capability, which now also includes automated nail penetration as well as several other “abuse” tests will be well placed to supply this vital equipment as the industry develops.''

For further information on our adiabatic calorimeter, please click here and for information on our isothermal BTC, please click here

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